Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Napoleon Blownaparte and His Napoleonic Zombie Band

Back at Historicon 11, I picked up a set of Eureka Miniature's first Corpse & Musket line release: Napoleon Blownaparte and Napoleonic Zombies. When a friend decided to do a Napoleonic Zombie Retreat from Russia 1812 game at the upcoming Cold Wars convention, I had a reason to paint them up.

The original Eureka release only had seven figures in it, and I wanted a GASLIGHT sized unit of ten, so I set about finding three more figures. The first was an old metal French standard bearer that I had picked up at a flea market and whose bandaged head, I felt, marked him as a good zombie candidate. The other two I made from a couple Victrix plastic French Infantry bodies and arms, and some bits left over from a pack of Wargames Factory Zombies.

On the left is one of the Victrix conversions, in the center is the Eureka Napoleon Blownaparte complete with cannonball hole in him, and on the right is another one of the great figures from the Eureka set, which is actually a vignette cast as a single piece depicting a zombie biting a French soldier in the head. Brains!

These are three more of the Eureka Zombies. The one on the left is intended to be holding a standard, but I liked him better without it.

Here is the game they are for:

S-267 - Corpse & Musket: Napoleonic Zombies byGASLIGHT - Theme Game, Sat. 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 playersGM: Greg Priebe with Todd Harland-White and HAWKSNapoleonic 28mm, Rules: GASLIGHT