Monday, May 7, 2012

Bronze Age Martian Beast with Howdah Conversion

Over the weekend I worked on a conversion of one of Bronze Age's Wasteland Mutant (Thark) mounts (Thoat) into a mobile gun platform by adding a howdah and a radium cannon.  I hope to use this in our big 20 player GASLIGHT Mars extravaganza at Historicon.
I began by sawing off the top portion of the saddle and blanketroll that comes molded to the beast.

Next I began to construct a howdah out of cardboard.

I used toothpicks to make a railing around the howdah, and some wire-work from a dollar store wire dollhouse table to make some decorative ornamentation around the outside of the platform.

Next, I constructed the radium cannon out of some left over Eldar weapon bits, a flight stand peg, and half a slotted base.
Here is the finished product with a Bronze Age Martian for a sense of size.  I embedded two magnets in the beast's back, and glued a metal base to the underside of the platform, so it is removable for storage and transport. And, if I ever wish to make a different load for the beast to carry it will be easy to switch them out.

Here it is with a coat of black primer all ready for painting.

And here it is with its paint job.  the radium cannon is crewed by an Ironclad Minaitures Sandwar Cannon Crew.


  1. Interesting. I had always imagined thoats as being more gracile, but this one looks like it should have no trouble with the howdah!