Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My North Polenburg Imagi-Nation: Complete 1st Division in 10mm

As some of you may have read here previously, (See: Look, Sarge, it's Not Quite the Seven Years War ) I've been working on recreating my 40mm North Polenburg Imagi-Nation units, that we use with the old-school rules "Charge!", into 10mm units for use with our "Look, Sarge, No Charts" system of rules. One of the parts of this project that I looked forward to, was the opportunity, due to the size and low cost of 10mm figures, to create a large portion of the (if not the whole) North Polenburg Army.  This would be very hard, if not impossible, to do in 40mm due to the size of the figures and units.
A comparison of a portion of one of the 40mm regiments, and it's 10mm counterpart.
Well, I'm happy to announce that I have finished painting and basing the complete North Polenburg 1st Division, including an attached brigade of heavy cavalry.
The 1st Division and it's attached cavalry brigade assembled on the parade grounds
The Division is commanded by General Schlegel, and consists of two brigades, each of three regiments,  and two attached batteries of artillery.
General Schlegel and his aide (base on the left) consult with their Corp Commander, General Rudolph and his staff (base on the right)
1st Brigade- General Palmer commanding: 1st "Queen Jennifer" Regt., 2nd "Hawks" Regt., 3rd Regt.
2nd Brigade- General Bailey commanding: 4th "Prince Edgar" Regt., 5th "Prince Edward" Regt, 6th Regt.
(Those officers and units shown in italics are those that also exist in my 40mm version.)
1st Heavy Cavalry Brigade- Gen. Haag commanding: 31st Dragoon Regt., 32nd Dragoon Regt., 33rd Dragoon Regt.
I'm really pleased with how these forces have turned out, and I'm looking forward to continuing to grow this project.  I think my next move will be to start building an opposing force, from the neighboring country of South Polenburg.


  1. I think we'll start using this in our propaganda: "Look, those North Polenburgers aren't so tough! They're only about a foot tall! We shall crush them!"

    1. Very funny. But, now what you've done is given me ideas for a Munchkin inspired Imagi-Nation. :)