Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HAWKs Friday NASHCON Games Report

This past weekend 6 members of the HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers) made a road trip down to the NASHCON gaming convention near Nashville, TN, to host over a dozen games.  We were up early Thursday morning to load a 12-passenger van we had rented full of all our gaming equipment and suitcases, and we arrived at the convention hotel late that night after a 12 hour drive from Maryland.  We were up early again Friday to unpack our van and set up for our midday games. I was slated to run "The Battle of Five Armies" using BYV in the first game slot of the con starting Friday at 2:00. You can read a report of that here.

The Battle of Five Armies
 In the same session Duncan Adam was running his homegrown WWII fast play naval rules, combining aspects of the popular fantasy naval rules Uncharted Seas and the Axis an Allies Naval miniatures game.  He has nicely modified and combined these rules into a fun historical naval game.
Charted Seas WWII naval game
On  a nearby table Buck Surdu was running his under-development G.A.M.E.R WWII skirmish rules, in a scenario called "Commandos Strike at Dawn". It involved British commandos striking a German coastal installation to steal an encryption device.  The fast and furious rules are totally card driven and have diceless combat resolution.
G.A.M.E.R WWII skirmish game
In the Friday evening session, Greg Priebe ran a Dr Who Miniatures game which saw the Doctor and his companions landing the TARDIS in the middle of a French and Indian War battle where they sought to undo an ancient curse which lingered in the timeless forest of western PA
Dr Who, and his companions, River, Rory and Amy, make their way through a unit of Rangers unopposed, with the help of  the Doctor's psychic paper

An overview of the Dr Who table
Also in the Friday evening session, Duncan was running a War of 1812 game using Wellington Rules.  The scenario took place a few weeks before the Battle of New Orleans, as Andrew Jackson's forces attempted to repulse the British vanguard in a fierce night battle.
Duncan Adams does a rules briefing prior to the start of his War of 1812 game.

American forces move towards the British encampment in Duncan's War of 1812 game.

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