Monday, July 21, 2014

HAWKs 2014 Historicon Armies-For-Kids Project a Big Success!

This year's Armies-For-Kids project was successfully concluded at last weekend's Historicon convention with the awarding of pairs of opposing, painted,  28mm Napoleonic Amries, terrain and other gaming aids to 6 lucky kids after completion of a specially designated kids' game on Saturday at the con, GM'd be HAWKs member Eric Schlegel.  We also handed out two complete pairs of 15mm Seven Years War Armies and terrain, left over from our 2012 Armies for Kids effort,  to two lucky kids who took part in another kids' game we ran during the con.
Eric helps one of the kids during Saturday's game (Photo courtesy of Buck Surdu)
This year's armies were provided through generous donations from Jay Hadley, Ed Mohrmann, and the Nashcon staff.   The terrain we gave the kids was provided, and constructed, by Chris Johnson.
The kids checking out their new armies.
Next year we are planning to be putting together 40mm ACW skirmish forces for our Armies-For-Kids project, based on a generous donation of figures from Maynard Creel.  So, if anyone has any 40mm ACW figures, or suitable terrain they'd like to donate, please contact me at cnjpalmer(at)aol(dot)com.
Group shot of Gamemaster Eric Schlegel and the kids with their pile of "loot"!

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