Monday, December 15, 2014

Finny's Fish Flingers: Penguin Christmas Wars Unit

While in a local Game Store a few weeks ago I spotted this game, called "Hey, That's My Fish!", set up on the demo table. I was immediately taken with the neat plastic penguin figures included with it, and thought how well sized they looked to go with 25mm figures. The game comes with 16 plastic penguins.  I bought a copy, and started pondering how to use them in my Christmas Wars collection, and came up with the idea, based on the poses, to create a unit of fish-hurling penguins.  Thus, Finny's Fish Flingers was born.
  I set about putting a unit together.  First, I modified two of them, one to hold a sword to represent the commander, and one to hold a flag staff made from a paper clip to be the standard bearer.  I glued the figures to 1" fender washers, and sprayed them with flat black spray-paint.  Using the picture on the game box cover as a guide, I painted up a unit of 10 for use in my Christmas-themed GASLIGHT games. And here's the results:

  I hope to use these in a game this New Year's Eve at the annual HAWKS holiday get-together.