Sunday, February 22, 2015

Preparing for the Battle of Paris

This past Saturday, a few of the HAWKs got together at Duncan's house to work on the terrain for our Saturday morning "Fate of Battle" Battle of Paris game we will be running at Cold Wars:

   S-194 - Battle of Paris, 1814
Sat. 10:00 AM, 5 hrs, 12 players
GM: Buck Surdu and HAWKs
Napoleonic 10mm, Rules: Fate of Battle
Coalition forces converge on Paris for the final battle to oust
Napoleon. Napoleon is out raising another army while Joseph
manages the defense of the city. As the Austrians, Russians, and
Prussians prepare to attack the key Montmartre Heights Joseph is
busy building hasty fortifications; although, he was supposed to
have fortified Paris weeks earlier. Can Joseph hold Montmartre
Heights and Paris long enough for Napoleon to put another army in
the field, or will the Coalition force the Corsican Ogre into exile?
     The main goal of our session was to cut out and paint the large hill we would need to represent the Montmartre Heights, and to build the fortifications the French had during the battle.
Buck, Duncan, and Dave apply a base coat to the heights
  We started by drawing out the shapes of the heights on 2' x 2' foam panels, and then cutting them. Then, while Buck, Dave and Duncan worked on painting a textured dark brown coat on the hills, Buck's daughter, Sam, and I worked on the log and gabion fortifications.
Sam works on building fortifications
  Unfortunately, Dave and I had to leave early due to the onset of a snow storm and a long drive ahead of us. The others who stayed, had a lunch break while the first coat of paint dried, and then finished up drybrushing a lighter brown coat on the heights.
Some of the finished hasty works
    It looks like we will need to meet again one more time to finish flocking the hill, and finish up work on the sections of canal that cut across the battle field.
The assembled and drybrushed hill. (Photo by Buck Surdu)
  We are using this terrain for double duty, as it will also represent our "Elven Capital" in our evening "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" game:
S-195 - Battle of the Elven Capital
Sat. 6:00 PM, 4 hrs, 12 players
GM: Chris Palmer and HAWKs
Fantasy 10mm, Rules: Bear Yourselves Valiantly
Forces of evil are massing to make the final assault on the Elven
capital of Palmerania. The Elf King Hout is out raising another
army, while the elves and their allies are busy fortifying the city.
Can the goblins, orcs, and other assorted bad guys crush the main
elven defense on the commanding Caledonian Heights before the
King arrives with reinforcements to lift the siege?

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