Monday, October 12, 2015

BARRAGE XIX A Huge Success!

  This past Saturday, October 10th, the HAWKS hosted their annual one-day miniatures gaming convention, BARRAGE,  in Havre De Grace Maryland.  With a record attendance, and a record number of games, a good time was had by all. We wish to thank all the game-masters and gamers who made it a success! Below are some highlight photos of the event.
Next, year BARRAGE will be expanding to 2 days, 9.30.16 - 10.1.16, so mark your calendar now!
A view of the main gaming hall around mid-morning.

In the morning, I ran a game of "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" called Island of the Lizardmen, which featured an alliance of Dwarves and Lizardmen fighting off invading Elves.

A father-son team ran the Dwarf faction, and successfully defended their encampment from the Elves which were attacking it.

The Elves were successfully able to destroy one of their objectives, the Dwarves' under-construction super-weapon, at a high cost; but were unable to achieve either of their other objectives which were to destroy the Lizard village, or the Dwarves encampment.

A wide range of dealers and flea-marketers were located around the outer wall of the room. Lots of gaming goodies were to be had.

Rich Heffner's Aerodrome is always a crowd favorite at the con.

The Battle of Paoli using "Black Powder", hosted by Cliff Brunken

Ed Duffy's Search & Rescue: US vs ISIS game using his "Line of Departure" rules.

A beautiful model of the Lonely Mountain was featured in this Battle of Five Armies game using "God of War" rules, hosted by Lou and Dillon Valenti.

Zeb Cook's Dino Rustlers of the High Plains game, using "Bone Wars" rules.

Buck Surdu demo'ed his upcoming "Combat Patrol" WWII rules, in a game featuring US and German troops battling over a small French village

Eric Schlegel ran a Zombie Mall game, using GASLIGHT rules, to wrap up the evening .

Also featured at BARRAGE were a well-attended Flames of War tournament...

...and a packed L'Art De La Guerre tournament.


  1. Hi,
    There's nothing about the kids' project. How did it go? Any pics?

    Best regards,


    1. Chris- that's because we were unable to run it. Sadly, very few young kids attended the con, and only one came to the table to play the game. So, we decided to cancel with the plan of perhaps running instead at Fall-In.

  2. The booming sound you are hearing (faintly, I realize) is me banging my head against the wall. Kids don't show up for a free war-game set up......? OMG.

    Well, as you said, maybe at Fall In.

    1. Yeah, we were sad. I think folks didn't bring them to the con in the first place, not realizing there'd be anything suitable.