Monday, April 24, 2017

HAWKs Host Huge Zombie Mall Game at Har-Con

     This past Saturday, the HAWKs attended the HAR-CON convention put on by the Gamers Guild and Anime Club at Harford Community College, the local county's community college.  This con is a multi-genre con, with video games, role-playing games, card games, board games, miniatures games, anime, and cosplay.   This year's theme was Post-Apocalypse and Zombies, so we decided to run our big Zombie Mall game.
     With the success of last year's large French and Indian War game, we decided we would once again make our main effort a large game where interested gamers could come to the table at any time, be assigned a group of survivors and a mission, and enter into the game with one of the HAWKs to help tutor them in the rules, and then leave whenever they wanted.
     We arrived early to set up, and it wasn't long before we had our first players.  As the day continued we were pleased with the number of folks who stopped by to play, and the consensus was that we had more players this year than in years past.  Attendance at the con as a whole also seemed to be really high.
      Buck Surdu and I, as co-authors of the Zombies by GASLIGHT supplement,  were also asked to take part in a panel discussion on the Post-Apocalypse theme, along with a local author and film-maker.
       The club had a great time as usual, and we are looking forward to returning for another big extravaganza game next year.

     Another HAWKs run game at the con was Kevin Fischer's Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Game using his beautiful collection of 1/144 Gundam models.

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