Monday, December 4, 2017

Some Recent Christmas Themed Painting

    When this time of year rolls around, I always wished I had worked more on the Christmas themed figures I have collected over the years.   So, over the last few weeks, with my seasonal mood increasing, I decided to finish up a few of them.
     First I completed Reaper's "Pack Reindeer", which has been sitting half done on my painting desk since I got him last December. 

      I then painted Coppestone's "Lovely Assistant". This figure comes in a blister with a Santa Claus figure, which I've put on a washer and primed, but haven't gotten to yet.

     Lastly, I just finished Reapers "Santa's Helpers"; a three pack of mechanical robot ornaments.    I tried an experiment with these; painting them first with special Chrome spray paint, and then using Citadel gemstone transparent paints on them: Spiritstone Red, Soulstone Blue, and Waystone Green, in an attempt to given them that lacquered mirror look that real ornaments have.  When finished, I sprayed them with Testor's Dullcote to give them a protective coat, and then went over them again with a brush-on glossy varnish to give them that glass ornament shine.   I'm rather plesed with how they came out.

        This will probably wrap up what Christmas figures I get done for his year; since, with the Christmas activity around the house ramping up, my painting time become more infrequent.


  1. Those ornaments are excellent, you really nailed that shiny mirrored look.

    And it seems like the pack reindeer could easily be converted to be a real pack beast for a Lapp or Nordic themed Frostgrave/D&D force.

    1. Thank you, Lasgunpacker!

      Yes, with a little bit of effort, it wouldn't be hard to trim off the large teddy bear. There is also a trumpet, which you could greenstuff over, or just claim that there is a musician in the group. :) And there is a drum as well, but that could be easily painted as a canister of some sort.