Monday, July 16, 2018

Historicon 2018 HAWks Room Photos

   I was only able to get up to the Historicon miniatures gaming convention for a short while on Friday to visit the HAWKs room and get some shots, and was selling in the Historicon Flea Market all day Saturday.  I was able to squeeze in running a game in the HAWKs room on Saturday night, so got some photos then as well.  Even though I was only there for a short while, I had a great time at the con.
  For photos of my game, see: The Dwarven Loot Train
The HAWKs room was already hopping when I got there Friday morning.

First stop for me was the Dealer Hall.  The facelift on the tennis barn is really starting to look nice.

One of several Sea Lion games run by Buck Surdu and Greg Priebe, using "Combat Patrol" rules.

Dave Wood's "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" Fantasy game, using his collection of beautiful old school 25mm figures 

Don Hogge's "Congo" game

James "Tank" Nickle's popular train heist game. 

Duncan Adams' Peninsular Napoleonics game using "Combat Patrol: Napoleonics"

Another of Buck and Greg's Sea Lion games.

Pz38ts storm the beaches of  Little Basely by the Sea during Sea Lion.

Harry Kogelshatz brought back his ever popular large scale "Aliens" game

Using action figures for "Aliens"

Geoff Graff's Plastic Pirates Lego game, is a perennial favorite with the kids

David Schlegel's Fantasy game using "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" rules.

Dave Wood's Zulu game using Combat Patrol: Colonials

Duncan Adams' helmed this year's Armies for Kids game.

Some of the armies the kids got to take home with them in this year's Armies for Kids game.

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