Monday, December 2, 2019

Reaper's Evil Toys Painted

    This past week I painted up Reaper's pack of "Evil Toys" to use as treasure tokens for December's Ghost Archipelago game-slash-Christmas party.  The scenario will be The Island of Misfit Toys, and the players will be trying to gather as many of the toys to "save" them from the island and its evil ruler King Moonracer.
L to R: Evil Rubber Duck, Evil Teddy Bear, Evil Jack-in-the-Box, Evil Cymbal Monkey, My Little Evil Pony, and Slinky Hell Hound. 

      I also painted, to add to the mix, the headless gingerbread-man from Reaper's "Familiars Pack VI"


  1. Looks to me like the players may have their hands full saving themselves from the toys!

  2. This is a pretty cool idea for a holiday themed campaign. How did this one come out?

    1. It was a lot of fun. It's hard to remember all the details from last December, but I seem to recall that King Moonracer and his two Manticore brothers got taken out pretty quickly, and then the usual carnage and mayhem occurred as everyone fought each other over getting the most toys. :)