Monday, May 17, 2021

Wars of Ozz Kickstarter 2: Last Few Days

    There's just 4 days left to get in on the newest Wars of Ozz Kickstarter!    The kickstarter is introducing 3 new factions to the world of "Wars of Ozz"; the Land of Harvest, Impkins, and Gnomes.  It also features the debut of the new "Wars of Ozz" Campaign Boardgame; which can be played as a regular board wargame, or used as a campaign engine for your miniatures battles.  A truly novel concept!
     Be sure to check out all the great new minis offered in this event. Old Glory has done a great job of bringing charm, whimsy and life to this range of models.   And rules author Buck Surdu, as done a great job of giving each new faction its own characteristics while still keeping everything balanced and not adding dozens of new special rules.  The old factions won't be outclassed, and still will offer a competitive exciting battles with the new.  

     I've had a chance to play both the Land of Harvest and Gnome Armies in playtesting and have enjoyed both.   And I can't say enough about the figures!  There's so many delightful and unique concepts among them, like the Harvest Land's Corn People, and the Gnomish 4-Wheeled Artillery.  
   So, be sure to check out the Kickstarter before it ends.  All the details can be found at:
 And also consider joining the very active Facebook group to keep up with all the latest information on "Wars of Ozz":

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