Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Historicon Report Part 2: The HAWKs Club Room

Here are some photos of just a few of the many games that were run in the HAWKs room Friday and Saturday at Historicon.

James "Tank" Nickle's "Edson's Ridge" game , using "Look, Sarge, No Charts: WWII" rules. Starting Friday at Noon.

" The BAPS (Beer and Pretzel Skirmish) Extravaganza: The Battle of Hue", using "BAPS" rules. Beginning Friday at 7:00 PM.

Harry Kogelshatz's "LV426" game, using 120mm figures and Home Rules. Starting Saturday at 9:00 AM.

Kate Adams' "Warriors: Forest of Secrets" kids' game, using modified "Blood & Swash" rules. Starting Saturday at Noon.

Jennifer Palmer's "Tales from the Spyglass Tavern" game, using "Blood & Swash" rules. Starting Saturday at 7:00 PM.

Eric Schlegel's "Look, Sarge, It's Fighting Joe Hooker" game. Using "A Union So Tested" rules.
Starting at 7:00 PM Saturday.

Don Hogge's "German Surprise at Ogledow 11-13 Aug 1944" game, using "Battlefront" rules. Starting at 7:00 PM Saturday.

Duncan Adams' "Battle of Chateauguay, 25 Oct 1813" game, using "With McDuff to the Frontier" rules. Starting at 8:00 PM Saturday.

James "Tank" Nickle's "Where Did She Go?" game , using "Blood & Swash" rules. Starting Sunday at 10:00 AM

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