Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Historicon Report Part 1: Look, Sarge, It's Mars Game

I had a great time at Historicon. I ran two games and played in one. Jennifer and I arrived Friday morning and toured the convention center, locating where everything was. We checked in around 4:30, then headed down to the HAWKs room to set up my Friday evening game: Look, Sarge, It's Mars.

For the game I used 2mm infantry from Irregular and land ironclads and areonefs from Brigade Models. (See previous articles on this blog for more information on the figures) The rules were A Union So Tested, also called Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW; modified for the inclusion of the ironclad vehicles. I have posted the stats and added rules I used on the Look, Sarge, No Charts, and on the 2mm Yahoogroups.

We got 4 of our 6 players, and with a little rearranging of forces were all set to go. The scenario took place in 1895 on Mars, between German and British forces. The table was cut into four sectors by two intersecting canals, with a city located at the juncture making a fifth sector. The Germans start the game controlling two of the sectors and the city. The British advance from the other two sectors. The winner was determined by who controlled three areas of sectors: either two land sectors and the city sector, or three land sectors.

The Germans began the game with a small force that could be placed anywhere on their side of the table, with the rest starting from one of the short table edges in their area. The British began by setting up in their area, 18 inches from the canal that divided the two areas. There were four bridges (The only place the canal could be crossed) one in the center of the city and one on each leg of the canals. A good time was had by all, and I, as gamemaster, was very pleased with how the modifications to the rules worked.

Now, on to the pictures!
(Remember to click on any photo to view it larger.)

View from the south west. Germans controlled the city in the center, the sector to the south and the sector to the east.

View from the south east.

British Aeronefs prepare to cross into German territory.

On the German left, a cavalry brigade with a battery of horse artillery was tasked with holding the bridge. The artillery does some damage to two squadrons of approaching British Gun Carriers.

Over view of the battle after a few turns, looking north east

A view from the British side, as a British ironclad brigade and cavalry brigade crosses over into German territory and assault a German infantry brigade taking cover in a field

Me (in the tan shirt) answering a players question.

British ironclads still trying to dislodge the German infantry from the field on the German right. The British cavalry have turned to face an approaching German light ironclad brigade.

On the German left, a land-train provides covering fire from the edge of a woods as a unit of German contraptions forces its way over the bridge into British territory in the face of fire from two regiments of British Martian allies.

An air battle develops overhead, as British infantry masses on their side
of the city for the final push. The British overwhelming force in the city marked the end for the German defense and the British were declared the winners.


  1. Love it! Sadly, I was not able to make your game this year, but it sure looks like a great time was had by all, and the minis and scenery are very nice looking as well.

  2. I plan to run it again at Fall-In. So, if you're there, you can have anbother chance.

  3. I live in the Republic (Texas), so... getting to Pennsylvania more than once a year is pretty much a no-go for me. Actually, even coming to Historicon two years in a row is a bit much, though I did it this year and '09. Probably won't make 2011. Probably.