Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Few Figures For Cold Wars

I'm busy getting everything ready for Cold Wars, which is fast approaching. I thought I'd take a moment and post some photos of a trio of figures that I have recently completed for my "Victoria Hawkes and the Lost Roman Colony" Cold Wars game.

German clockwork armored suit made by Eureka Miniatures. Called "Krieghosen" on their website.

Rear view of the Kireghosen. I love the gears and key details.

The evil Roman priestess. This figure is a Shadowforge Dark Temple Acolyte.

Back view of the priestess. Probably a little more of a 'back view' than is proper. But then if you're an 'evil priestess' you can get away with it.

The heroic Roman General. I believe this might be a Foundry figure, but I got it in a lot of assorted figures, so I may be mistaken.

Back view of the Roman General.


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  2. Previous post pulled due to typo.
    They do look really great.

  3. *SOooo* promising!
    Looking eagerly forward to enjoy the game report - don't forget the camera (with spare batteries)!