Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zombies Part II & Horrorclix Zombie Hunter Conversion

As I explained in my entry from three weeks ago, our club is embarking on a zombie project. Everyone is responsible for painting 20 zombies since non of us wanted to paint hundreds on our own. I showed the first ten zombie figures I had finished in the entry three weeks ago, and today I am showing the second ten. We are using the Wargames Factory plastic zombies and I really love their multi-pose options and conversion potential.
I also completed a female zombie hunter that I converted from a Horrorclix figure.

Here's a shot of all ten zombies in my second batch.

This is a closer look at half the group. I'm really pleased how these turned out.

These are two of my favorites; the Life Guard and one that's taken a close range shotgun blast to the chest.

Here's a view of their backs. I love the irony of a zombie being a "life guard", and James 'Tank' Nickle gave me the idea for the shotgun zombie with the big hole in front and all the smaller exit wounds on the back.

This is a closer look at the other half of the second batch.

This is two of my favorite conversions; the crawling zombie who's lost his lower legs, and the doctor zombie that has large shoulder damage from being a zombie's lunch.

Here's a view from the back of these two.

This is another favorite; the swimmer zombie. I'm really pleased with how the floral pattern on his swim trunks turned out.

Here's a back view of the swimmer zombie.

This is a zombie hunter converted from the Horrorclix "Runaway" figure

Here's a back view. I love the teddy bear on the back pack.

Here's a look at the original Horrorclix figure and the conversion side by side. The original figure is holding a hacksaw in her left hand which I cut down to to look like a pistol.


  1. Very nice. Those swim shorts came out great. Nice conversion job on the Zombie Hunter, also.

  2. Those are very nice much better than my ones.