Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cold Wars Final Report: Sunday

Sunday I helped Buck Surdu GM a GASLIGHT game using our Eureka Frog & Turtle collections. We listed this as a theme game, (The Cold Wars theme this year was Wars of South American Revolution.) because all my frogs are painted like South American poison dart frogs. So Buck's were the Spanish, and mine were the rebellious South Americans. The game was a blast. Due to the daylight savings time switch over, players were scarce, but we were able to recruit a group of teenager/young adult friends to fill most all the player spots.
After a fierce battle my South American frogs still held their fort but had little left in the way of troops or vehicles. The Spanish frogs hadn't captured the fort, but still had three working turtle tanks ready to batter the walls. The game was called a draw.
You can click on any photo to enjoy it larger.

Buck Surdu calling the next player's card.

My well defended fort.

Spanish heavy and light frog cavalry approach the South American heavy cavalry in the distance.

The Spanish King and his Retinue.

Spearfrogs engage in a deadly close combat.

The South American King and his bearers sortie from the fort to join in the spear battle, and actually dispatches two of the enemy.

Spanish forces attack.

The South American Giant Snail is killed but the crew in its howdah survive...

..and they find themselves near the Spanish frog king who is being attacked by a spearfrog unit, so they join in. The King and his retinue beat back all the attacks.
I just want to say 'thank you' to everyone who played in one of our games! Hope to see you at Historicon!

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  1. My sons played in a version of this game at Historicon in 2009 and had a blast. Heck, they have even bought some of the Eureka frogs and turtles for themselves. I just finished painting the cannon.

    Thanks for a great report and a fun game, Buck!