Monday, March 28, 2011

GASLIGHT 'Compendium' Photo Shoot

This past weekend Buck Surdu and I had a two day photo shoot for the GASLIGHT Compendium. The photos will be used for some of the illustrations in the Compendium, and to help promote the book.

Unfortunately, we had some of the coldest weather in recent weeks on Saturday when we were doing the outside portion of the shoot and while we were freezing, our model was glad to be wearing wool ACW outfits. Sunday we concentrated on indoor shots.

We had the opportunity to shoot on a farm close to Gettysburg, PA Saturday; and were aided by two friends who are re-enactors. Sunday, we shot in Buck's home. All in all it was a big success, and we took almost 500 great VSF and Pulp themed photos. Look forward to seeing more photos from the shoot in the weeks to come.

Buck shows our model correct firing techniques.

I had the opportunity to take many of the photos. The model was a joy to work with, and had a ball getting into character

"Look! Over there! The GASLIGHT Compendium is just a few months away!"

Everyone had a great time on the shoot.

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