Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall-In Report Part I: Friday

I arrived at Fall-In Thursday night, and was up early Friday morning to help Buck Surdu set up a pick-up game of LSNC: Napoleonics. I had a great time playing in the game, and am pleased how the rules are coming along. We had several passing by gamers ask to join in for an hour or so before the games they has registered for began, and then opting to stay and play the whole game because they were having such a good time.
After the game, I had lunch and then went shopping in the dealers hall and flea market and got lots of goodies. In the afternoon, I set up my evening LSNC:WWII game, 'Look, Sarge, the Germans are Rafting on our River", but was disappointed when only two gamers showed up to play. I was able to find them a spot in Eric Schlegel's LSNC: ACW game, 'Look, Sarge, It's the Hornet's Nest', at the next table over, and I too took a command as this game was short of players s well.

Friday evening's 'Look, Sarge, It's the Hornets Nest' game. Players got to take command at the battle of Shiloh using "A Union So Tested" (Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW) rules.

A Union Division tries to form up as Confederates launch a surprise attack.

The battlelines drawn up around Shiloh Church.

Meanwhile, Buck Surdu had a full compliment of gamers for his 'Captain America by GASLIGHT' game. In this scenario, Captain America and a group of commandos need to blow up as many secret weapons as possible in a heavily defended Hydra military base.

Buck Surdu advises a player, during the Captain America game.

Germans and Americans skirmish around two of Hydra's flying wings.

Captain America surveys the situation as his commandos sneak up on some unsuspecting Germans .

Two of the players discuss tactics during the Captain America game.

Also running Friday night was Todd Harland-White's Halloween themed 'Panic at Space Station Accipitor: The Problem with Pumpkins' game. This game features homecast 1930's era Buck Rogers figures, and a beautifully scratchbuilt space station made by Duncan Adams.

Players try to figure out who's who, as all the figures were wearing paper costumes for the Halloween party on board the station.

A close up of the action.

Next up: Snow, Snow Snow!

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