Monday, September 17, 2012

HAWKs' BARRAGE XVI Game Day a Success

The HAWKs held their one day BARRAGE XVI miniatures gaming convention this past Saturday, September 15th. By all accounts it was huge success with a record attendance and  record number of dealers present in a new spacious and well lit venue.
There was a large selection of great looking games as well as a whole table dedicated to just kids games.  There was also a Flames of War tournament at the convention this year.
   The club is already making plans for next year.

An overview of the new convention site, The Havre De Grace Community Center.

This year the HAWKs had a well attended Flames of War tournament at the convention. The sponsors are looking forward to coming back again next year.

Mark Fastoso's The Tower Helmets WWII North Africa game using "Fireball Forward" rules.

Whoever is worried about the graying of the hobby, fear not; the HAWKs were pleased to see  a large number of kids come along with their folks for a day of gaming, and not just at the kids table.

Steve Gelhard's "Shako II" Napoleonic game.

A close up of the "Shako II" game, Morning of Morengo

David Cochran's Belisarious vs. the Visigoths game, using modified "Kings of War" rules.

Gamers had a several dealers and flea marketers to shop at during the con.

A view of the hall mid day during the peak of the action.

Another view of the hall.

I ran a series of four well received, hour long, "Look, Sarge, No Charts:WWII" demo games.

A last minute addition to the game line-up was this War of the Worlds game using GASLIGHT rules. The hosts did a great job in what was apparently the first convention game they ever ran. 

Kurt Schlegel's Attack on Santa's Village game, using GASLIGHT rules, was a big hit with the kids.

P. Heffner's Aerodrome games are always a big hit at Barrage with kids and adults alike.

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