Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dollar Tree Easter Egg 6mm/10mm Sci-Fi Buildings

This is the third, and final, terrain article from my trip to the Dollar Tree last weekend. (See previous two articles for my other terrain projects from the Dollar Tree.)  I found these jewel style faceted Easter eggs while shopping there, and thought they might make good geodesic dome style buildings for either 6mm or 10mm Sci-Fi
You get a half dozen center-split eggs for a dollar. While I used the bottom halves for my buildings there's no reason you couldn't use the more pointy top half as well.
I took the bottom half off one of the eggs and at first I tried cutting a doorway in it, but the plastic is very brittle and it shattered. I then decided to make a door and doorway out of heavy paper. There are two vent holes in the bottom half of the egg, now top of the building; so in these I glued some little plastic bits from the bitz box to make some sort of sensor arrays.
The damaged building came about where then brittle plastic shattered while trying to cut it.  Shown with a 6mm Epic figure for scale

I then spray-painted them flat black.
Again shown with a 6mm Epic figure for scale.
Afterwards I gave them a quick coat of blue-gray paint and a lighter dry-brush, then painted the plastic "sensor"  bits silver, and added a decal to the front of the building to break up all the monotone color.
The final results.
 They were very quick and easy to make, and I'm very pleased with the result.


  1. Maybe a quick stripe of yellow/black danger striping down the center of the door, to indicaate where it breaks?

    These look good. You might try the pointy end on top of a bog roll or something to make a sensor tower, like a Doppler radar.

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks!
    Good ideas, J Womack.
    Pat, I love the dollar store too. :-)