Thursday, February 21, 2013

GASLIGHT 10 Years Ago: Cold Wars 2003

With Cold Wars 2013 just a couple weeks away, I thought it was time to jump in the ol' time machine and take a look at some GASLIGHT scenes from Cold Wars 2003, 10 years ago.
Todd Harland-White (blue shirt, glasses) running his "Black and Decker Amidst the Dunes of Doom" game. Featuring all kind of fun Egyptian mayhem.  Who knew Dustbuster packaging made such nifty Egyptian statuary? 

A close up of the Dunes of Doom game. Here are industrialists  Black and Decker themselves, operating their new-fangled steam drilling machine.

Rob Beattie ("Battles by GASLIGHT" author) hosted "How Few Remain by GASLIGHT." Confederate States troops with Euro allies mix it up with the USA and their Prussian friends.

Rob (pointing) had all kinds of beautiful "toys" in this game.

Saturday morning I ran, "First Battle of Resurfaced Atlantis, 1891" a big Battles by GASLIGHT game featuring 15mm figures

Another view of the Resurfaced Atlantis game.  British and Prussians were battling over resources on the fabled island

Saturday night I ran, "The American Civil  War by GASLIGHT". Here a Union jump-pack trooper has landed on a Confederate airship

While on the ground, various steam vehicles and troops duke it out.


  1. Great games Chris. I didn't play them at Cold Wars but I played them at Origins that year. I remember meeting you and Jen. It was alot of fun.

  2. Awesome Models and terrain! Simply ... *fabulous*