Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Santa Claus vs The Nazis" G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. Game at Cold Wars '13

Last Saturday night, at Cold Wars '13, I ran my "Santa Claus vs The Nazis" game using G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules, and 28mm figures.  The game description, as it appeared in the program, was:

Bent on obtaining fabled and occult objects from across the globe,
Hitler sets his sights on the magical factories of Santa's North Pole
workshops. If these factories could be turned to munitions
production for the Third Reich, nothing would be able stop the
Nazi war machine. The Fuhrer dispatches a team of commandos to
capture Santa's workshops. Can Santa, his elves, and toys stop the
invaders, or will evil prevail?

I had a nice turnout of kids, teens, and adults, and every one of the 8 gamer slots was filled. The game begins with each of the three German players selecting one of the woods patches surrounding the North Pole workshops for their initial deployment. One player's forces per woods.  The North Pole Defenders start at random locations around the compound.  The objective was for the Germans to capture four of the six main buildings in the compound.

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An overview of the table
The Germans began by attempting to soften up their targets with long range fire.  In the end this may have been a mistake, as their superiority in firepower was reduced at long range, and they lost precious time that they could have used later in the game to achieve their goal.
Panzerkopf, the MkIV, and Major Shaub and the MG squad enter.
The North Pole defenders, began by concentrating on the German's MkIV tank, knowing taking this out was a major key to their success.  Luckily, fate was with them, and the tank's engine conked out in the bitter cold (The player failed the vehicle's Sustain roll with a roll of 20) and the tank was left immobile on the edge of it's initial deployment woods for most of the game.
The North Pole defenders stiffen their defenses on the western wall, as the Teddy Bear Cannon, and Hot Chocolate Catapult take pot shots at the German tank.
The Tank was only supported by one German squad with a machine gun,  and the Nazi's overall commander "Panzerkopf". A fierce battle developed on that side of the compound as Santa himself, and his pet, Polar Bear, charged into combat. Santa heading straight for Panzerkopf, and Polar bear for the MG team.
The German commander attacking from the north marks a hit on one of the Toy Soldier Squads, as the Toy Soldier's commander looks on.
 After a melee that lasted several turns, Santa finally defeated Panzerkopf, and Polar Bear was making bear kibble out of the machine gun squad. Eventually though, Major Shaub, the German's second in command, was able to get the drop on Santa, and eliminated him, while survivors of the MG squad were able to deal with Polar Bear.  Ultimately a charge from the North Pole Elf Militia  finished off the Germans in this area, leaving only the tank.  A pair of  Mechanical Santas with their hammer-arms, moved up to hopefully finish off or permanently disable the tank.
The carnage on the "western front" Panzerkopf, Santa, Polar Bear and the MG team are all dead, with only Major Shaub and the tank still functioning.  Note the markers on the tank indicating the broken engine, the mechanical Santas moving up,  and the North Pole Elf Militia behind the wall on the right preparing to charge.
Meanwhile, on the north side of the compound the Toy Soldier squads were taking their toll on the attackers, and were able to eliminate one German squad entirely.
 On the "eastern front" the She Wolves and a squad of troopers shoot a squad of Snowmen into slushy puddles.
It was on the North Pole Compound's east side, that the defenders were their weakest, and the Germans had their most success.  A squad of She Wolves, and one of regular troopers were able to cut their way through two units of Snowmen (Aim for the magic hats!) and the Germans were eventually able to occupy two of the buildings on that side. 
That however was as far as they got, and with their numbers severely reduced, and the North Pole defenders having several units still unscathed, the game was determined to be a victory for the North Pole team.
  A great time was had by all!

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