Thursday, March 28, 2013

Teddy Bear Pirate Ship Conversion: Part 1

For a long time I've been looking for a suitable ship for my Teddy Bear Pirates from Eureka. I always had in my mind it should be some sort of rubber duck looking vessel, but I never found a rubber duck I liked. One large enough to be a ship big enough to carry more than a couple teddy bears.
  Well, that all changed today during a trip to Target.  In their "cheap crap" department at the front of the store, they had these great plastic rubber duck watering cans.  Shown in the photos below with a Eureka Teddy Bear Pirate for scale.
   I wanted to get this posted now, before I had a chance to do any work on the duck, because I figured these were seasonal items for Easter and/or Spring, so might not be around in Target for much longer. And, I wanted anyone who was interested in getting one, to have a chance to before they were gone.
My plan at this point is to cut off the handle and a section of the back to make an open deck. I think the hole in the duck's head will become a crows nest, and the pour-hole in its bill will become a gun port.


  1. This should be an attention getter at a game if nothing else! Looking forward to your progress on this.


  2. Seems like it could work for Viking bears as well. (Do they even make such a thing?) Put a row of shields and oars along the side...

  3. Cool idea! Unfortunately, I don't think they make Viking bears. :-( (But they should!)