Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Save the Treasure!: A "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" Rules Game Report.

At last Friday's HAWKs meeting, I ran a Fantasy mass-combat game using our under-development "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" rules. The game was a playtest for my Barrage scenario and was entitled "Save the Treasure!".  The set-up is that an Evil army comprised of Skeletons, Goblins, and Humans has conducted a very successful raid on the coast of an Elven land, and are now making their way back to their boats bringing wagons full of treasure and prisoners to be used as slaves.
  Meanwhile, the Elves have rallied scattered forces to pursue them and attempt to cut them off before they can get to their boats.  See the photo below for initial deployments.  Both sides get 15 points for each of the two wagon base they control at the end of the game, 5 pts for each of the four slave bases they control, and 10 pts for each of the five boats they have control of for the Evil side, or burn for the Elves' side.
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  The game opened with the Goblins and the treasure and slaves making a dash for the boats, while the Skeletons turned to face the pursuing High Elves.  The Wood Elves meanwhile headed for the boats.  Across the river, the second group of High Elves there headed for a nearby ford to cross, while the giant eagles under their command raced across the river to engage an approaching swarm of bats from the Skeleton's force.  The Humans guarding the boats attempted to form a defensive perimeter.
The Wood Elf Force makes it's way toward the boats, as the human defenders move to stop them.
The Goblins, treasure and slaves in tow,  head for the boats as, in the distance, their Wolf Riders and the Skeleton's swarm of Giant Bats try to slow the advance of the High Elf cavalry and Giant Eagles..

The Skeleton rear guard force, and the pursuing High Elves spar with each other.  The battle here see-sawed back and forth, with the Elves ultimately taking the worse of it.

The battle for the boats. The Wood Elves advance, as a force of Goblins moves up on their right flank, and is slowed by the woods (dark brown cloth). Meanwhile the Giants on the hill hurl boulders at the Wood Elves, with little effect.

A view of the action near the end.  The treasure is getting nearer to the gap between the two hills. At the river crossing, the Giant Bats and Wolf Riders are getting worn down and forced back.  The High Elf's ultimate success there becomes obvious, but will the Bats and Wold Riders buy enough time for the treasure and prisoners to get out of the Elf Cavalry's reach.

The Wood Elves succeed in burning one of the ships as they drive off the human defenders, just as the Goblins are cresting the hill and the treasure wagons reach the gap. The decision is made to let the slow moving prisoners fall behind, and to concentrate on getting the wagons safely though. The Human's War Hounds and mercenary Minotaurs move to stem the tide of the on-rushing Elves.
In the end it was a close fought affair, and unfortunately we had to stop the game due to time constraints before a clear winner was declared; though most felt the Elves would ultimately gain the victory.  Everyone had a great time, and I am looking forward to running this scenario again at Barrage on September 14th.

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