Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Warhorse-Con III at Warhorse Farm in Gettysburg, PA

This past Saturday, 8.24.13, Buck Surdu and his daughter Sammy, Dave Wood, and myself made the trip up to our friend Sam Fuson's Warhorse Farm in Gettysburg, PA to run some GASLIGHT and "Look, Sarge, No Charts" games for him and his friends.  We began the day with my "Victoria Hawkes Saves the Queen" GASLIGHT game, and Buck running a "Battle of LaRothier" Napoleonic scenario using Fate of Battle rules. 
   This is the sixth time I've run my V.H. Saves the Queen scenario, and the players as usual had a great time.  The game pits an allied force of U.S. Marines, British Guards, and Cowboys, against a group of Prussians and their mercenary gunslingers. The Prussians have kidnapped the Queen of England while she was on a goodwill trip to the U.S., and have whisked Her Majesty away to a deserted Texas town where they await a zeppelin flying in from Mexico to transport the Queen out of the country.  The 'Good Guys' have 12 turns to rescue the Queen before the zeppelin arrives.

Victoria Hawkes Saves the Queen
The game got off to a good start with both sides trading shots, but unfortunately, the Prussian side lost most of their Main Characters early in the game to failed Save rolls, leaving the 'Good Guy' Heroes, particularly Jasper Flint, the U.S. Marshal  to seriously damage the Prussian forces.  It took the whole game for the Allies to find the Queen, but in the end the Prussians just didn't have enough to stop them from taking her back.  This tied up the score for this scenario with 3 Prussian wins, and 3 Allied wins overall.
U.S. Marshal Jasper Flint, cuts his way through the Prussian defenders.
While I was running this, Buck and Dave were running their Battle of LaRothier in the next room.  This is a winter battle from the 1814 campaign.  The game turned out to be a close fought afair.
The Battle of LaRothier. Photo by Buck Surdu
After a late lunch of pizza we set up and began our afternoon games.  I ran a "Look, Sarge, No Charts:WWII" game which was a Battle of Njimegan scenario.  The battle started off with the Germans in control of the town and it looked like the Allies would have their work cut out for them trying to dislodge the defenders. 
The Battle of Njimegan
I was called to command the Germans on the right, as we were short a player, and I ended up facing the brunt of the allied armor.  A lucky activation sequence, where the tanks got to activate twice with no reply from me, allowed them to create and exploit a breakthrough before I could suitably react.  This sealed our fate, and as the hour was getting late, we decided to call it a day.
Allied armor breaks through.
While I was running Njimegan, Buck was doing a GASLIGHT undersea game, with  a lot of his cool underwater figures.  It was a multi-sided affair, with several different opposing groups trying to recover valuables from the downed Nautilus submarine, while Captain Nemo attempted to foil them.
Buck's undersea GASLIGHT game.
All in all it was a really fun day, and we are already looking forward to Warhorse-Con IV.

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