Monday, March 16, 2015

Recently Painted 10mm Fantasy: Trojan Rabbit, and Sea-Elf Wizard

    This weekend I finished up a couple 10mm stands for my "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" fantasy armies.  The first of these is a 10mm 3-D printed "Trojan Rabbit", purchased from Shapeways.  My friend, Buck Surdu, and I both got one of these; and in talking about it, we decided we'd treat it as a kind of self-propelled  armored personal carrier.  So, to enable the "self-propelled' part, I modified some extra War-of-the-Roses figures I had to become "pushers", and glued them on the base as if pushing the rabbit forward.
Un cadeau!

Let's hope they remembered to get inside this time!
   The other figure I completed this week was an Elf Wizard for my Sea-Elf army.  I used an extra GW High Elf Wizard I had, and painted him in my Sea-Elf army colors.  I tried to paint him as if standing upon a water spout, and casting some sort of water-based spell.
Sea-Elf Wizard