Friday, August 5, 2016

GW Witch Hunter Converted to Frostgrave Thug

   A while back I came across a photo of the Games Workshop metal Witch Hunter figure of the fellow carrying an axe in one hand, and a puppet in the other.  I knew I had to have one for my Frostgrave collection, as it was such a silly looking model. So I searched ebay for a while and was able to snag one.
I forgot to take a "before" picture, so I borrowed one off the internet.  This isn't the actual figure I used.
   The puppet, as it comes with the figure, represents a religious personality with a mitre and staff.  I, however, wanted it to be more of a "Mini Me" representation of the puppeteer (obviously driven a little looney from repeated trips into the frozen city). So, I replaced the crooked head of the staff with a small axe head, and carved his mitered hat down to look more like a helmet. 
    I painted him up, and did the puppet in the same color scheme.  I wasn't sure what to do on his wooden sign, and then I got the idea to do it as a scoreboard, as if our Thug and his little friend were having a contest to see which one of them could despatch the most enemies.
     I'm really happy with how he (they?) turned out.  I think it will make a fun addition to my Frostgrave collection.