Monday, January 22, 2018

Photo Report of HAWKs BARRAGE 2-Day Convention for 2017

     This past Friday and Saturday, the HAWKs ran their annual BARRAGE gaming convention.  Because of a scheduling snafu, our usual late September/early October date was double booked in 2017, so we ended up having our 2017 convention in January of this year.  Despite the change of dates, we had a great crowd, a lot of wonderful games, and a wide variety of vendors.

     Here are some highlight photos from Friday...

Brett Kite's "Byzantines, Lombards, and Norman, Oh, My!" game, using Burn & Loot rules.
Dave Wood's "Battle of Duivelskloof" Colonial era game, using the Colonial supplment to Combat Patrol rules.

Sam Fuson's "Battle on Siapan" game, using Look Sarge, No Charts rules

Our friendly registration desk was busy both days, welcoming first timers and old grognards alike. 

Kevin Fischer's "Retreat from Jaburo" game using Mobile Suit Gundam rules.

Good eats, including homemade chili and salad,  were provided all weekend by the friendly staff of the Barrage Cantina. 

Greg Priebe's "Star Wars: Combat Patrol" game using the Star Wars supplement to Combat Patrol rules.

Zeb Cook's "Mars Attacks, 1880's Edition" game using modified GASLIGHT rules.

Bill Acheson's "Panic in Pan Chaka, Part 2"  Tekumel game, using Combat Patrol's Dark Ages and Fantasy Supplement rules.

Brian Cantwell's "First Man into Rome" game, using modified Salamis ad Actium rules

Joe McGrath's "Sangin Snafu" game, using Skirmish Sangin rules.

Steve Braun's "Sea Kings of Mars" game using Savage Tales-Homebrew rules. 

And here are some Saturday highlights...
A view of some of the vendors who ringed the outer wall of the community center.

Bill Molyneaux's "The Battle of St Foy, April 1760", using Muskets and Tomahawks rules

Rich Heffner's Aerodrome game is a perennial favorite at the con with both kids and adults! 

Daniel Erdman's "Crisis at the Crossroads" game, using Brother Against Brother rules.

Rob Dean's "Not Quite the Seen Year's War" Imagi-nation game, using beautifully painted 40mm homcast figures, and using Charge! rules

Brian Lipscombs "Operation Brevity, May 1941" game using Battlegroup rules.

A view of the midday crowd

Both Friday and Saturday we had a busy Flames of War Tournament.

Norman Dean's "Encounter at Jerboa" Ancients game using N.U.R.D. rules

Michael Byrne's "Highway 10" game using Force on Force rules. 
After the convention is over, it has become tradition for the club to hold a Pirate LARP, using Blood and Swash miniatures rules modified for LARPing.  This year, club member, Bill Molyneaux, was declared the winner, and Pirate King of the Club, for successfully getting the Treasure Chest out of the "Tavern" despite stiff competition from his fellow dastardly scallywags.
The HAWKs Pirate Crew! 

A long sword duel between Pirate Buck and Pirate Geoff.
     I have posted a bunch of photos and a report on the pair of Ghost Archipelago games that I and Don Hogge GM'd Friday and Saturday, here: Ghost Archipelago

     The club would like to thank everyone who came out this year; GM's, Players, and Vendors, who all helped make this a great convention.  See you all in September for Barrage 2018!


  1. Chris,

    The picture you have for my game "Today Cappuzo, Tommorrow Tobruk" is actually Brian Lipscomb's Operation Brevity Battlegroup: Tobruk game. Brian is also one of the Winchester group.

    1. Brian, Thank you for the correction! I have fixed the issue. Also, thank you guys again for coming down and running such great games!

  2. For my Panic in Pan Chaka game I had switched to using Combat Patrol: Dark Ages & Fantasy as the rule set.

    1. Thanks, Bill. I fixed that now. How did they work out?

    2. The scenario wasn't balanced enough, but the rules seemed to work well.

  3. The ACW game with the yellow fields is not what the label says (Longstreet at Chickamauga). It is a skirmish using Brother Against Brother rules, and i was running the game.

    1. I am very sorry for the mistake. I have corrected the caption to show what I think is the correct information.