Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Lily Pad Too Far: Frog vs Frog game using GASLIGHT, at Cold Wars

    This past weekend at Cold Wars, Buck Surdu and I ran a GASLIGHT game using our collections of warrior frog miniatures, mainly from Eureka's "Pond Wars" range.  Back when these were first released a number of years ago, Buck and I each acquired sizable collections; he painting his as standard North American frogs, and me painting mine as various South American Poison Dart Frogs.  Thus was born he great Frog Civil War between the Northern Frogs vs the Southern Frogs. 
The South American "Flying Column" advances on the North American right, screened by a series of steep hills.
     Over the years we have run a handful of games at conventions, and since it had been a while, we decided to dust them off and get them on the table for Cold Wars this year.   The scenario we decided on was one from the GASLIGHT Compendium rulebook, and featured one side trying to intercept and cut the line of retreat of the other side.  We called the game, "A Lily Pad Too Far", and decided that instead of retreating, Buck's forces would be advancing through Southern Frog territory, and my army was trying to cut off their line of advance.    In order to achieve this, my side had to have a unit on the far side of the road the Northern Frogs were advancing down by games end. 
A view of the NFA players and their forces as the NFA units try to shake out into a line.
     While the Northern Frog Army (NFA) starts in line of advance on a road running from the long side of the table to one of the short sides; the Southern Frog Army (SFA) begins the game split into the main body, which starts in one corner opposite the NFA, and a "Flying Column" consisting mainly of SFA cavalry, which starts in the other corner opposite the NFA. 
The SFA Dragonflies take on the NFA Light Cavalry.
     As the game started the NFA tried to extend their line and protect the entire length of road.  They were hit on both flanks by the respective SFA forces.  The NFA Light Cavalry did a good job on the NFA right, but eventually a unit of SFA Dragonflies was able to work around them and cross the road.  On the NFA left, the full might of the majority of the SFA force slowly began to erode that flank.
The SFA Light Cavalry charges into a unit of NFA Hammer Troops.
     In the end, the NFA left flank had all but collapsed, and the NFA were unable to shoot the SFA dragonflies out of the air.   So, the SFA was declared the victors.
The NFA Heavy Cavalry moves up as it tries to halt the rapidly advancing SFA right.
     The game was a ton of fun both for the players and us as the GMs, and it was great to get our Frog collections out on the table again.    I look forward to the next time!
A unit of SFA "Frogzerkers" overtakes and eliminates the NFA War-Cart.

A unit of the SFA Guard close assaults a NFA Swamp-Gas Tank.

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