Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GASLIGHT Historicon Playtest

Last Saturday several of the HAWKs got together to playtest two Historicon games. One of the playtests was for my GASLIGHT game, "The Return of Victoria Hawkes, by GASLIGHT", using our GASLIGHT set of Victorian Science Fiction skirmish level rules.

The scenario has a Union strike force attempting to blow up a Confederate super-weapon. Union forces consist of three infantry units, an Iron Horse cavalry unit, a Steam Spider vehicle, two Impervious Suit conveyances, two Steam-riflemen, the Expedition Commander (mounted) ,and Victoria Hawkes. They also had two bombs which were needed to blow up the super-weapon The Rebels had three infantry units, a Bicycle Dragoon Cavalry unit, two Timberclads, a Steam motorcycle, an Electro-cannon, two Flame-rifles, an the overall Commander (mounted).

The game played well, with the advantage swinging back and forth between the two sides. I don't want to give too much away about the course of the game in case the folks who have signed up for it at the convention read this beforehand. Some highlights include an epic melee between the two cavalry units, one of the bombs accidentally detonating when caught in a cannonball burst radius and wiping out part of a unit, and the nail biting ending as the remaining bomb neared the super-weapon with a climactic change of hands in the last couple turns. Below are some photos for your enjoyment.

Union forces advance.

The Iron Horse Cavalry and the Bicycle Dragoon Lancers charge toward each other as the Union Lady Zouaves advance from the right, and a Rebel Timberclad provides support.

Close-up of the Iron Horse Cavalry. Assembled from Dixon cavalrymen and Mage Knight Galeshi Cavalrymen mounts. (Photo by Rob Dean)

Close up of the Charleston Light Bicycle Dragoons. Figures by Eureka
. (Photo by Rob Dean)

The two units meet in a multi-turn melee.

After dealing with the Iron Horse Cavalry, the Bicycle Dragoons, turn on the Lady Zouaves. An Impervious Suit and a pair of Steam-riflemen stand in support. An Electro- cannon with its crew killed is in the foreground.

A Timberclad advances and tries to knock over an Impervious Suit. (Photo by Rb Dean)

The final turns: a pair of Confederates move to pick up the Union bomb (at the foot of the figure on the right of the weapon platform) as another Union Zouave Unit moves up on the left of the photo and two timberclads try to cut them off.

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  1. Cool blog, I just spotted it! I love steampunk -stuff, and have posted one post of customized Steampunk minis & interior terrains myself too. Just google for Shaper and Maker & Steampunk.

    Btw, are those Galeshi -mounts yours? If so and the riders are still left, I might be interested in them - I found the blog by searching for them!