Saturday, March 31, 2012

HAWKs Near Completion of 2012 Armies for Kids Effort

The HAWKs are nearing completion of this year's Armies for Kids project. This will be the second year for the club, who gave away 16 armies to kids who took part in two specially designated kids games at last year's Historicon. This year the HAWKs are working on 8 Seven Years War armies to give away to some lucky kids at Historicon 2012.

This year's Seven Years War project is based on the generous donation of 15mm figures from Robert Piepenbrink, as well as the donations of additional SYW figures from Erik Engling, and Ed Mohrmann. The club has been aided this year by some financial donations from folks who generously gave the club money at last year's Historicon, and the painting support of John Spiess, who beautifully painted two of this year's giveaway armies for us.
Last night some of the HAWKs got together to do some finishing touches on the infantry for this year's giveaway. They also took units of cavalry to work on at home.

These armies will be presented to kids at Historicon 2012.

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