Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1812 Zombies by GASLIGHT Game at Cold Wars

After his Saturday morning Dr Who game at Cold Wars, Greg reset his table for his afternoon Zombies by GASLIGHT game using the similar set up and many of the same figures.

S-267 - Corpse & Musket: Napoleonic Zombies by
GASLIGHT - Theme Game
Sat. 2:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Greg Priebe with Todd Harland-White and HAWKS
Napoleonic 28mm, Rules: GASLIGHT
The year is 1812 and Napoleon's once great army is now in retreat
following the invasion of Russia. Can you guide your ragged band
of French stragglers to safety in the face of Russian patrols,
freezing temperatures and your own fallen comrades raised from
the dead by the curse of a vengeful Haitian priestess?
Children under 14 only with a playing adult.

Russian and French troops prepare to do battle with little knowledge of what lurks in the woods.

French and Russian cavalry is set upon by a horde of the undead.

A french officer is set upon a fights off two of the undead.

A horde of Zombies breaks from the woods and goes for a column of French troopers.

An overview of the table. Greg had made dozens of great Napoleonic zombies by combining the plastic Mantic Zombies set with a Victrix French Napoleonic set.

Two of the players conduct close combat. The afternoon sun gives the table a dramatic wintry look.

A swirling melee as the game reaches its final stages.

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