Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Building 28mm Bookshelves

     Our group is doing the Frostgrave Library scenario in December, and our plan is to turn the entire 3'x12' table into the library.  We plan to cover almost the entire table with Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles.  Also, each of us is trying to build at least 3' of bookcases to help fill the table up with terrain.
    Some of our group is using foamcore blanks with printed paper fronts on them, and I decided to do something similar but instead using an easy to assemble wood body to make my bookshelves instead of foamcore.
     I began by buying some .75" wood cubes, and some 2" x 3" wood cut-outs.   I glued a cube to each corner of one of the cut-outs with Aleene's Tacky glue.
   I then glued the other cut-out onto the other side of the blocks, and after making sure everything was squared up, put some rubber-bands on to hold everything in palce while the glue dried.
      Next, I cut some 1" thin bass wood strips to go around the outside, and glued those in place along the edges.  Again, I rubber-banded everything to hold it all in place.
      When that was dry, I painted the exterior parts with Americana Gel Stains "Walnut".
      Next, I took some bookshelf printouts that one of the guys in our group had done up. (Just search Google Image for "Bookshelf Wallpaper".)  And I cut a sheet down to make two panels to fit on each side of the bookcase.  I then glued these onto the bare fronts of each side of the bookcase.
    And here is the end result.  I think the trompe l'oeil  effect is really good on these, and in mass on the table they will look quite convincing.

     Now, just 2 feet 9 inches of bookcases left to go! :)