Monday, November 7, 2016

My Frostgrave Game at Fall-In: The Harbor of Frostgrave

      Friday night at Fall-In I ran a six player game of Frostgrave called, "The Harbor of Frostgrave".  I had a full house of players, with 5 being first time Frostgrave players.  We had a Enchanter, Sigilist, Necromancer, Soothsayer, Thaumaturge, and Illusionist as the wizard types.
     Everyone had a great time, including me as GM.  One of the highlights for me was the almost game-long battle across the two spans of the viaduct between the Thaumaturge's warband and the Sigilist's.  Things sea-sawed back and forth and at one point the Sigilist on the ground cast a push spell on one of the Thaumaturge's thugs up on one of the spans; which sent the thug over 8 inches up into the air, from where he proceed to land with a splat.  Finally, after casting "Blinding Light" on the Siglilist's Ranger and Crossbowman, the Thaumaturge was able to push his men across to the far span of the viaduct, and steal the treasure that the Sigilist Apprentice who was desperately trying to get it off the table.
    Another highlight was the Mind-Control battle between the Illusionist and the Enchanter.  The Enchanter had a thief trying to get a treasure off the table who was Mind Controlled by the Illusionist.  The Enchanter then sent her nearby treasure hunter to kill the traitorous thief, which he did.  The treasure hunter then picked up the treasure, and was just inches from the tale's edge when the Illusionist Mind-Controlled him as well, and  at that point there was no one around to stop the turncoat.  
    It was a great group of folks who showed up to play, and they all got into the spirit of the game. As a GM it is always rewarding to have a table full of laughing smiling players.
A look at the tale near the beginning of the game.
A view from the other end of the table.

Before they climbed up on the viaduct, the Thaumaturge moves one of his men forward.

The Illusionist's Templar battles a Ghoul that appeared along the edge of the harbor. 

The battle on the viaduct.   The orange glass beads mark the Sigilist's troops that have had Blinding Light cast on them. In the foreground, the Sigilist Apprentice desperately tries to escape with he treasure. 

The Enchanter's Treasure Hunter attacks the Mind Controlled Thief.

I think I will bring this game back to Cold Wars as well.

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